Make a Mark,


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September 14, 2019

Impact Hub Boston


Jess Charlap

Melanie Kinney

Caty Rezendes

Make a Mark is a 12-hour design and development marathon benefitting local humanitarian causes. Learn more

Selected Organizations We Are Serving in 2019

We were excited to work with these incredible organizations for the inaugural Make a Mark Boston:

  • The Beautiful Stuff Project
  • Circular Fashion Forum
  • Innovators for Purpose
  • Moms As Mentors
  • Oldways
  • Powerful Pathways
  • ReImagining Migration
  • TEDxYouth BeaconStreet
  • VecnaCares Charitable Trust

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For 12 hours, let's make — for good.

Some of our community's biggest problems are solved entirely by volunteers. Problem is, most non-profits don't have the resources to design and develop the kinds of things it takes us a day to create.

For 1 day, we gather the best designers and developers to work on projects for the most impactful organizations in our area.